Golf Gear

You will soon feel the need of having your own clubs when you realize that you are serious in playing golf. There are a lot of clubs to choose from, which could be difficult in its earlier phase.

You need not focus on the brand when you are on the hunt for clubs. What you can do is prioritize the important features of the club that you’ll be needing when you play.

The size of these clubs goes in different forms: Standard, mid-sized and oversized. The standard ones are the smallest, lightest and most controllable form. The middle size club is a combination of the standard and the oversized. It is also suggested that the best club for newbies is the standard-sized club head.

In terms of the shaft material, there are those which are made of steel or graphite. The steel shafts are naturally heavier but durable. Those made of graphite are lighter and controllable, but less durable. These shafts are made to flex the clubs as they swing. Players should consider purchasing clubs that give a regular degree of flex. And veterans with faster swings must obtain clubs with less flex. Clubs like Uniflex are designed to flex according to the golfers’ swing speeds.

Looking for the right course

Now that you have the things you need, and you are ready to play. Where shall you play? Those season golfers can adjust to any environment. However, for beginners, they may give a second thought on mini-hole golf courses. These have fewer holes and it’s relatively shorter. This will allow you to utilize user-friendly clubs such as the 5-iron. Additionally, if you do not like congestion, then executive courses aren’t good options because advanced golfers play here.

If you have gained confidence playing, then you can proceed to the regular golf course. Most of these courses have online portals with the information you need. The obstacles in the courses vary so choose the one that suits your level.

We hope you’ve gained the knowledge that you’ve been yearning to learn with our website. Just remember, you may not be instantly Tiger Woods, but you can always have fun.