Cloth Diapers

Do you care for the environment and want to stop adding waste by using disposable diapers but still want the safest possible diaper for your baby? Just a simple cloth diaper is not enough. There is a revolutionary diaper that is relatively new to the market. It is environmentally friendly and your baby looks stylish at the same time. Read on. When you use g diaper, you are doing Mother Earth a huge favour Disposable diaper do take a lot of time to be, well, disposed. 500 years is what you need for disposable diaper to properly break down. But with g diaper, it only takes 90 days. See the time difference? Plus, it does not need too much space and is really good for the soil. You can even use it as compost unlike disposable diaper.

Now another option is using cloth diaper But these are a pain to maintain. You have to wash them regularly. It can also be such a mess. Yes they are machine washable but the mess that your baby had will be collected somehow and will still create a mess. Cloth diaper are not practical any more.

Cloth diaper must be washed frequently. They also tend to be messy. With a cloth diaper, everything will be easier. It is machine washable and all other waste will be disposed of easily. Clean up will be a breeze. Time, money and energy will be saved. Plus the environment will be a whole lot cleaner.

Your baby’s tush will also be protected. This is our main goal. No more diaper rash and your baby looks good in it. No rash means a happy baby. A happy baby means happy mommy and daddy. Our kids are the most important thing in the world. We want the best for them.